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Green manure seed drill for vineyards

Green manure seed drill for vineyards

The green manure seed drill for vineyards was developed by a wine grower from the Jura near Lons-le-Saunier. Realising how useful this implement was, other wine growers in the neighbourhood expressed an interest in owning one.


Thanks to GAB Jura, who were able to co-ordinate the interested parties, a request was made to Atelier Paysan to make more seed drills, the inventor having agreed to share his invention. Following the work of Atelier Paysan the seed drill is now free of licence and can be copied as it has been redesigned to use widely available sections of metal of the same profile. An initial course in January 2016 made it possible for a dozen interested parties to produce an example of this implement for themselves, taking full advantage of the Atelier Paysan experience of self-build training and a supply of agricultural machinery parts at a reasonable cost. The seed drills produced during the course will favour greater experimentation and will feedback into further improvements in the implement.

N.B This seed drill can easily be widened to 1.50m to cater for wider rows of vines than had been originally conceived for the implement.

This work benefits from European funding and the Réseau Rural National, through the ‘Mobilisation Collective pour le Développement Rural coordinated by l’Atelier Paysan’ on "L’innovation par les Usages, un moteur pour l’agroécologie et les dynamiques rurales" (2015-2018), of which the FNCUMA, the FADEAR, l’InterAFOCG, AgroParisTech and the CIRAD are all partners. The content will be regularly updated throughout the project.

Here is a link towards our partners’ page: http://www.latelierpaysan.org/Nos-partenaires


Green manure seed drill for vineyards v.2.2 (pdf - 2 Mo)