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Horse-drawn timber hauler

Horse-drawn timber hauler

Inspired by a model developed in Scandinavian countries, this horse-drawn timber hauler has been remodelled and readapted for self-building in accordance with the needs of loggers in the Rhône-Alpes region. It was trialled in the winter of 2015-2016 and is currently being used by a logger in the Ardèche.


Much used by our partner organisation Hippotese, in particular in hauling small section timber out onto a roadway, the two options that this tool comes in will determine future improvements: as a carrier mainly for wood fuel and tree thinning operations, or in arc form (front axle only) for medium-sized tree trunks, to be used in flat terrain only for the moment, given the absence of brakes.

Following testing and evaluation by a professional logger, this tool will soon be put forward for self-build assembly during training. The tool is also getting a lot of use by our partner organisation, Hippotese, especially in in hauling small section timber out onto roadways.

General view of the carrier

As seen from the front

View from the rear

The "Chevilatte" shafts

In arc mode (dragging logs to roadway).

Two videos are available to see this tool in action:

This work benefits from European funding and the Réseau Rural National, through the ‘Mobilisation Collective pour le Développement Rural coordinated by l’Atelier Paysan’ on "L’innovation par les Usages, un moteur pour l’agroécologie et les dynamiques rurales" (2015-2018), of which the FNCUMA, the FADEAR, l’InterAFOCG, AgroParisTech and the CIRAD are all partners. The content will be regularly updated throughout the project.

Here is a link towards our partners’ page: http://www.latelierpaysan.org/Nos-partenaires


Horse-drawn timber hauler (pdf - 1.3 Mo)