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The quick hitch triangle

The quick hitch triangle

The quick hitch triangle replaces the traditional three point linkage system. With the quick hitch triangle, you can hitch a tool onto a tractor in a matter of seconds without getting out of the cab. It’s also a safer and more efficient way of hitching on tools. Below is all the information you need on the quick hitch triangle…


A male triangle is permanently fixed on the three point linkage system of the tractor. All tractor implements on the farm need to be fitted with a female triangle. The two triangles attach and are locked using a latch mechanism. To hitch off an implement, the latch is released by a handle connected with a cord to the cab of the tractor.


The benefits of the quick hitch system are lessened on tractors fitted with a hydraulic three point linkage as you may need to get off the tractor when hitching on in order to manually adjust the angle of the male triangle.

You can temporarily adapt a few implements to the quick hitch system without resorting to making any permanent changes to your machinery by fixing a female triangle on the three points linkage of an implement. You can then trial the triangle system without altering your original implements. However, this adds more weight to the hitching system and may necessitate the addition of counterweights at the front of the tractor.


Converting to the quick hitch triangle system is not an easy decision to make, as it involves adapting all the tractor mounted tools on your farm. However, the benefits of the quick hitch system out-way the work involved in converting all your equipment. Several days worth of work can be saved over the span of a year by using the quick hitch triangle, without mentioning the benefits in terms of health and safety. Quick hitch triangle systems are available on the market, but making it yourself is much more affordable. You can do all the preparatory work over the course of several weeks and convert all your tools in one go. One implement takes half a day to a day to convert to the quick hitch system, depending on your metal working skills. Some of the welds are tricky, due to the thinness of certain parts and the fact you need to weld in difficult working configurations (upside down, or welding upwards). Robust and strong welds are crucial as they ensure the implements are securely attached onto the tractor.

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