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Screw adjustment for the Vibra bed-former

Screw adjustment for the  Vibra bed-former

This option, mounted on the Vibra bed-former, is designed for those who do not have hydraulics fitted on their tractors ... or simply can’t be bothered to get down off their tractor to connect the flexible coupling which powers the lifting ram for the roller.


This accessory is also – and especially! – conceived as a means of setting the depth level of the Vibra bed-former. It reproduces exactly the operation of commercial Vibrashank cultivators. It represents a simple and economic alternative to the double-action ram presented on the website under the general plans for the Vibra bed-former les plans généraux du vibroplanche. This cylinder makes it possible to react even more quickly to different situations.

The option is even more interesting in that not everyone has a double-acting hydraulic system on their tractor. Getting down to turn a handle a few times is not that much of an imposition and provides an opportunity to have a quick look at the condition of the soil and the standard of the work, and a chance to stretch one’s legs!

Manual adjustment screw, replacing hydraulic cylinders.

The adjustment screw on the Vibra bed-former roller will be offered as an option as part of the courses on this theme during the coming training season. Past course members who wish to get some help in making one can enrol for a Vibra bed-former course. Coming along to spend a day making the adjustor also provides an opportunity to share information about the workings of the tool.
However, this DIY job being relatively straightforward, the more enterprising amongst you will be able to follow the plans themselves using bits and pieces they may have lying around!

Single-effect cylinder on older Vibra bed-former models


Diagram of the adjustment screw on the older Vibra bed-former version before spring 2016 2016 (pdf - 70 ko)
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Diagram of the adjustment screw on the more recent Vibra bed-former version after autumn 2016 (pdf - 70 ko)
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