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Crosskage roller

Crosskage roller

This double roller is half way between a crosskills roller and cage roller. It can be mounted onto a tractor as a stand alone tool, but was originally designed to fit onto the back of the Cultiridger.

It’s heavier and more efficient than a cage roller, without the cumbersome weight of a crosskills roller. The mounting system allows the rollers to be in constant contact with the soil. On this type of roller, the discs work as hard as the bar for an intensive action on the soil, without the aggressivity of a rotating tool.

The clods uncovered by the tynes are immediately broken up by the action of the rollers, rather than left to harden on the surface of the soil. The clods that haven’t been broken up are re-incorporated into the soil.

The double roller and the spring tynes can be mounted onto the Cultiridger in various combinations, depending on the cultivation requirements and the conditions of the soil.

The Croskage roller is a good example of the virtuous cycle of innovation and collaboration that takes places through our training courses, where tools can continually be adapted and improved.

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Technical drawings of the Croskage roller

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